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Waste Reduction

Since small electronic appliances ("SEA") ( e.g., Electric Fan) are not under the Waste Disposal Ordinance (WDO) that came into effect today, people will throw away old or slightly damaged SEA and replace them with new ones. Therefore, our mission is to help people maintain or repair, thereby reducing waste and turn into reusable SEA.

Resources Circulation

We focus on collecting SEA for repairs and being recyclable, and it can also reduce landfill space and delay the time it turns into electrical waste. Besides, we can still donate the repaired SEA to those in need.

Emotional Attachment

People may give life and affection to the SEA when they use it. Our appearance will become the doctor of their SEA, prolonging their life and continuing to perform an essential role for people.

Education and Publicity

Our professionals are determined to provide a one-stop workshop and social media promotion and to aim for reinforcement of the environmental awareness, the importance and the benefits of reducing, recycling and reusing SEA.

Sustainable Development

We are committed to building a long-term relationship with charity bodies to provide technical service arms and to support the beneficiaries who are required to maintain and repair their SEA.

Social Impact

We systematically promote environmental protection through government and public sectors. We aim to create positive, meaningful, and sustainable systems of change for the benefit of our community and particularly for those low-income families as a result of complex, long-term structural issues.

Job Opportunities

We are committed to hiring the retired/veteran with highly skilled technical engineers who are still productive, energetic and passionate, especially in environmental protection. Such that they can continue to contribute to society and help the others, with an income for a better retirement life.

Skills Inheritance

We aim to leverage our skillsets and expertise to train and influence people who are interested in learning about environmental protection especially low-education levels and youth, and in ensuring they can continue to contribute to the environmental protection in the community.

Environmental Protection

It has three related value factors: environmental legislation, national ethics, and education. These factors impact environmental decision-making and an individual's environment and behavior. Therefore, our team will regularly review and fine-tune the procedures accordingly and aim for the practical needs.

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